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- "Bex's Elderberry Syrup is so amazing, my kids never get sick anymore" - Anna, mother of 2
- "Always amazing listening to your wisdom" - Natasha 

- "
I absolutely love your stuff!" - Lisa 

- "Best Elderberry syrup around" - Arielle

- "I wanted to give a shout-out to our favorite local herbalist that makes the absolute best         elderberry syrup! Check her out on Facebook Herbage by BeX to order and shop all her other natural   tinctures, teas and salves. She also does one on one consults and is a true Mainer born and raised   right here! Shop local!" - Taste of Maine Restaurant 

- "Just a quick note to say thank you. I appreciate all you do, and I brag on you to everyone. I am so   glad someone told me about you. Also, I love the affirmation cards. I always glue a magnet on the   back and put them on my fridge, so I see them daily." - Heather 

- "I just placed my first order. I emailed her and had a bunch of questions and had   answers immediately. So friendly and helpful. I can't wait to try her products." - Shannon 

- "We love our herbalist; she is incredible and talented. She is my go-to for all my needs. Recently I   purchased the pause tea. It is delightful blend. It is the perfect tea to have any time of the day   for that little time that you have for yourself to just pause. It makes you feel wonderful! Another   favorite is Urinary Tract Support. It is heaven sent! Moon Goddess is phenomenal. Every woman   should own some. It is natural organic and made right here in Maine. I can't say enough good things   about these products and Herbage by Bex. It has been a heaven sent. I recommend it for anyone
and everyone." - Crystal  

- "Becky is kind, knowledgeable and so helpful! Everyone should have an herbal consultation with her to   see how she can help you with all of your wellness needs!" - Nicole 

- "I have tried all kinds of products and not one single one has failed me! I want one of everything! I   cannot recommend Herbage by Bex enough! Thank you, Becky for all the love and hard work you put   into all of your products." - Desiree

- Becky is very knowledgeable and makes great products. She is also very accommodating and will so   her best to get you what you need when you need it! Love her Teas, Tinctures and Elderberry syrup."   - Kendall

- Becky suggested Slippery Elm for my dog who has reflux issues. It has helped him tremendously!   Thank you, Becky! You are amazing!! - Nicole 

- Elderberry Syrup is like a miracle herb to me. I LOVE using natural medicine and preventative   medicine whenever possible. I discovered Becky and her incredible products one day when I was on   social media. I am so glad our paths crossed. My husband and I take the elderberry syrup religiously.   I once had influenza and by sleeping and taking three doses of elderberry I was feeling much better   the next day and almost all healed by the third day. Usually that would have had me violently ill for   weeks, often times turning into bronchitis or pneumonia. When my son, who lives in Florida, became ill   with COVID 19 I sent Becky a desperate message and she had a package mailed to him   immediately. I have no doubt her lung support products helped him in his recovery, and it gave this   Mama some peace of mind. Becky is a phenomenal human being. She radiates joy, peace and love. I   enjoy her spirit and I trust her 100%. " - Nancy

- The detox foot bath is amazing! I love that you can actually feel the toxins come out. 
You are awesome and have an amazing gift! Thank you! - Jenna


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