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Herbal Support and Wellness

Becky Alden Vail- Community Herbalist 207-319-4235

all products are made in small batches, by ME, in Topsham, Maine

all ingredients are locally grown, organically or wildcrafted locally, or bought organically from a trusted source.

Products are not FDA approved and are not meant to treat, diagnose or cure any illness.

Prices are subject to change (please have an open discussion with me if prices are a barrier for you)

Whole sale prices are available – please reach out to discuss prices


Elderberry Syrup 16oz - $35

Immune Support for the entire body and cold and flu like troubles.

Suitable for over the age of 1.

Herbal Cough Syrup 4oz - $18

A beautiful blend of herbs to support a cough and sore throat


Wicked Good Fire Cidah 4oz - $15

Immune supportive spicy tonic for allergy and sinus support.

Cleanse 4oz- $ 25

An herbal support for a cleansing detox

Trust Your Journey 4oz - $25

a blend of herbs for support in falling asleep, staying asleep and peaceful dreaming.

Moon Goddess 4oz -$25

A beautiful blend of herbs for a Women’s moon cycle, supportive for bleeding,

hormonal changes, mineral loss and cramping.

Libido Love 4oz - $25

Herbal blend to support the libido and give your engine a rev.

for men and women.

Keep the Vampires Away 4oz - $20

Immune Supportive tonic infused with garlic and raw honey.


Joint Salve - $15

Herbs blended together to support connective tissue, pain and bruising.

Appropriate for humans and animals.

Feel Good Salve - $ 12

For the bumps, bruises, scraps, rashes and itches,

Works wonders for brown tail moth and poison ivy.

Herbal Tea Blends: $12

Pause blend

to support the PAUSE in life and the quieter moments.

Cold and Cough Blend

supportive for cold and coughs

Made in Maine

herbs from the green back yards of Maine

Urinary Tract Support

herbs for supporting the discomfort of urinary tract troubles

Heart Ease

herbs for protecting the heart

Dream Weaving

herbs for dreaming and relaxation

Sprays 4oz

Clear your Space Spray - $15

Smudge stick in a spray to clear negative energy in your home, office or car.

Flower Essence 1oz - $10

Many different essence intentions for shift your energy

Bleeding heart- mending the broken heart

Teasel- I am stronger

Yarrow- I am perfect protection of divine light

Comfrey- I am the experience of perfect health

Self Heal- I am the commitment to wellness

Crab Apple- I see the forest through the trees

Magnolia- I am my highest spiritual fulfillment

Echinacea- I am the healing of past and current abuse

Rosa Rogusa- I am love

Dandelion-I am the resurrection of life

Single Extracts 2oz $15- $18

{Many extracts are available that are not listed, please reach out directly for specific needs and questions}

While there are many uses for each herb listed, the description I give is what I most commonly use them for.

Motherwort – a nervine to support the “mother” in all of us… whether you are a mother, have a mother or celebrate the Mother earth.

Reishi/ Chaga- immune supportive mushrooms

Lions Mane- brain support, memory and mental clarity

Hawthorn Berry- supportive for the heart and blood pressure

Ashwagandha-my favorite adaptogen for overall wellness

Echinacea/ Astragalus- supportive to the immune support

Thyme- supportive for antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiviral and antiseptic needs.

St. John’s Wort- supportive for symptoms of mental health stabilization

Stinging Nettles- supportive for allergy support

Dandelion Root- supportive for the liver/ detox support

Blended Extracts 2oz $18-$20

{many extracts can be/ are blended together based on appropriateness

after a consultation}

While there are many uses for each herb listed, the description I give is what I most commonly use them for.

Adapt a blend of 3 adaptogens for a beautiful support for the body

Vitality a blend of herbs to increase vitality and overall wellness

Catch your Breath a blend of herbs to support the ability to catch your breath

Deep Breath a blend of herbs to support the body’s ability to take a deep breath

Ear Ache Support a blend of herbs specific for supporting an ear ache- not to be used with a punctured ear drum. (suitable for adults and children).

Herbal Bath Soaks $8

blends for relaxation of herbs, Epsom salt, oats and essential oils

Herbal Facial Toner 4oz - $10

A beautiful blend of skin toning and nourishing herbs infused in witch hazel

Herbal Hair Tonic 4oz -$15

Specific herbs to strengthen, nourish and promote hair growth, infused in apple cider vinegar.

Herbal Body Cream 4oz $15

a beautiful silky infusion of herbs in coconut oil, mango and cacao butter.

Consultations $65

1 hour herbal consultation

Becky Alden Vail- Community Herbalist 207-319-4235

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