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Lovin' on our lungs

Up here in Maine winter is slowly creeping in and the temperatures are starting to, well not be summer temps anynore..

As we embrace the change and prepare for.the stillness that winter often brings I like to welcome winter with tea..

I love the quite solitude that tea can bring.. I like the warmth and the reflection that enjoying a cup of rea can bring , if we chose to let it...

I have many different to chose from, from my Pauae tea, to encourage the pause in life to my cold and cough tea, to suppprt our body with symptoms of cold, as well as many more blends..

Right now my favorite tea has been a vitality one...

I harvest from my yard, in Maine, mullein and pine needles, add lemons, orange peels, licorice root and astragalus and steep for an hour or so in a big pot. I enjoy the tea throughout the day and euse the ingredients for a few days. I enjoy this blend hot, where as some blends I enjoy hot and cold.. This blend has been a huge support for many people with lung struggles right now or fatigue and feelings of overall illness. I have been making this for my community and people are coming to my door with their mugs, mason jars, or being sent home with pots of it for them to use at home with their family...

I love sharing this recipe and my warm tea with my community. ..

Have a blessed day, stay well and listen to the plants around you... they are always talking to us...

Please reach out for your one on one herbal consultation with me so we can create a journey towards wellness with the plants as our guides..

peace~love~ herbs


Herbage by Bex...

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